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A Taste for Poison

A Taste for Poison - Aleksandr Voinov

Sadly, I was underwhelmed by A Taste for Poison. It was a nice wrap-up to all the lingering questions, but unfortunately everything was summed up too neatly for my taste. I missed the action and tension from the first two books. I missed the intrigue and the Scorpions in the thick of battle. Everything moved too quickly in this book, and being in Kendras' head was boring and repetitive. None of the major scenes were developed, so there was no time for me to latch onto what was happening. I was disappointed we didn't get to see more of

the Scorpions reaction to Runner's identity being revealed, Graukar's capture more fleshed out, Shadow as Death, and the Rebellion.

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There wasn't enough build-up in the conflicts.

I was also disappointed in some of the side characters, namely Graukar. I was so intrigued by him in the last book, but nothing came of him. He was flat. He only served as Kendras' love interest and as the final catalyst for Kendras making up his mind about Adrastes. There was nothing dynamic about him and what bothers me the most is that there was every opportunity for both Graukar and Shadow to develop into amazing characters. The storyline was there for the taking, but alas, neither of the brothers were dynamic. Lasty, I was hoping to get more from Amrash. He makes an appearance, but it was more of the same. Nothing new was brought to the character.

Kendras grated on my nerves as well. I never minded him doubting his abilities or questioning himself as the Officer, but in this last book it irritated me. I really wanted him to be more forceful and standup to Adrastes with more authority. He did what he had to do and faced Adrastes, but it always felt like he had his head between his legs. And why did he take so long to deal with Blood? Geez.

It's one thing to gather enough evidence, but it's another to allow him to stay weeks when he was the one who caused Graukar's capture and would probably continue to feed Adrastes information.

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Even with all my problems with the book, it was nice to be back in the Scorpion world. I enjoyed the prophecy surrounding Kendras. That was an interesting touch. Of course it's always fun to have Widow and the other Scorpions around, but again I yearned for more from them.

To sum up, I got the answers to my questions, however it wasn't in the fashion I would have liked or have come to expect from Voinov, especially since I love his works!