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The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles 4.5 stars!

This book put a big smile on my face. The plot was intriguing, the characters were strong, the dialogue was witty, and it had me laughing throughout. The romance wasn’t front and center but I didn’t miss it, especially because the mystery was totally captivating and there was some the delicious UST. I loved the paranormal aspect. Give me shamans, warlocks, and magic and I’m a happy girl.

I did have a couple of issues. First, I wish there was more background on the perpetrators. Because they were introduced late in the game, I didn’t get that big “Ah, Ah” moment. It felt like a hollow victory. Secondly, there were stories from Crane’s past that were brought to the reader’s attention but they were never fully explained. Teasers drive me nuts but what was even more bothersome was that one of the stories the background on Crane’s tattoos played an important role in the plot.

Despite these few issues, this was an amazing debut novel by K.J. Charles and I can’t wait for book 2.

Thanks again Jenn for introducing me to this book *hugs*!