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Dance with the Devil - Megan Derr

So fun! We follow Chris White, a paranormal investigator through his world of demons, ghosts, witches, vampires, goblins, and many more "abnormals". The structure of the book was unique in that it's written as a collection of cases in which each one is presented in non-chronological order. I thought this would dampen the characterization and the relationships but I still felt the tension and the build-up. It created more questions that had me excited to find the answers to. We have no idea how any of the characters met or why they are together. It was an interesting way to get to the answers. With each case we get a little more information. A drawback for me was that even though we get the answers to the questions, there were huge gaps in time and I wanted to know more about what the characters were feeling and doing during this time.

The mysteries/cases were weak but the world was well developed. You weren't inundated with facts, it was just laid out chapter by chapter as the characters became more developed. I actually wanted more details about the abnormals. I think because there was so many, the details were lacking. Hopefully, we'll learn more as he series progresses. All the characters were strong and had their own voice, including all the side characters. It was fun ensemble. The only character I had a problem with was Phil. She was whiny and clingy.

Note: there were a lot of typos.

This is a world I will definitely be re-visiting soon.