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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Blood Possession - Tessa Dawn Blood Possession is the third book in the Blood Curse series. Napolean Mondragon, the 2,800 year old Vampyr leader of the house of Jadon, is the only remaining male from the time of the blood curse. He has just met his destiny, Brooke Adams and he only has 30 days to complete the blood curse. Previously, Napolean was a bit of a mystery to me but he came alive in this book. He's powerful, respected, proud, and feared.

It was great to see all the Brothers and their destinies. I love how they all came together to save Napolean. Of course Nachari stole the show.

One of the drawbacks was the length of the book. I felt it could have been a bit longer. I wanted to see more of Napolean in his element, possibly leading his people and more of Napolean and Brooke. I also would have liked Napolean and Nachari figuring out what Salvatore was doing to him concerning the visions he was having. I felt this story line was rushed a bit.

I have mixed feelings about Brooke. She is portrayed as an intelligent business woman but at times she seemed like an immature girl to me. Although, it was great to see her childhood connection to Napolean. I also didn't like Tiffany's part in this. I'm not really sure I see the point of her being such an integral part of the story. I would have much rather seen more of Napolean's story.

I always love being in Dark Moon Vale and back with the Silivasi Brothers. Man did they kick some ass! We could clearly see each of their distinct personalities. Nathaniel is strong and ruthless. Marquis, is the elder brother who exudes authority, and Kagen is calm yet deadly. I really want more of Kagen. I hope he gets his own book. Last but not least and my favorite is Nachari. Nachari, the Ancient Wizard makes the ultimate sacrifice for his King and people. I can't gush enough about him. I loved every moment. He's sexy, witty, and confident. I wish we saw him battling with the Dark Lord before he was captured but hopefully we'll see it in his book :)

It was great to see the women play such a big part. I loved Napolean's decree at the end demanding the women learn to defend themselves. I was hoping this wouldn't turn into a series where the women would end up at home raising the kids and were forced into the background.

My favorite part was after the possession where Napolean and Brooke's souls merged. It was beautiful. Nachari suffering in the Valley of Death and Shadows hit me hard. My poor Nachari. Hmmm, and what can I say about Salvatore? Salvatore was chilling in the possession ritual. He is fantastically evil. The only thing I didn't like was Ademordna taking the form of a worm. All I kept thinking about was Chekov in the Star Trek movie Wrath of Khan. I guess the fact that Ademordna took a literal shape threw me.

My favorite quote: "Hear me, Brooke," he purred, his voice a sultry promise of his commitment to their union. "You must understand who-and what-you are destined to mate. I am the sovereign king of an ancient race, begotten of gods and man. I-am-justice."

I can't wait for Nachari's book!