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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

The Darkest Seduction (Hqn) - Gena Showalter The action at the end of the book almost pushed it to a 3.0 but I just can't get over how utterly sappy the romance between Paris and Sienna was. There was no sparks just the fact that Paris got hard twice for the same woman. Well, I need more than that. Then added to the sugar an sweetness was the never-ending "I have to leave him, but maybe I can stay one more day" tug of war. Oh and it wasn't one sided, Paris was in the same tug of war "I need to leave her, no I don't" banter. BAH! I just couldn't get into these two. I liked Paris in the beginning but he grated on me in the last few books. He just has this tunnel vision when it comes to Sienna and it was more annoying than anything else.

Onto Sienna. I think I would have liked her more if we saw more of Wrath come through. She has this kick ass demon in her and I wanted to see more of her wreaking havoc. I liked her in the fighting scenes at the end so I think if the author built more on that it would have strengthened her character for me. I did not like the dead sister and miscarriage story line at all. It seemed like something just thrown in. It had no substance. I thought Sienna's character needed to be developed more, maybe more background with the hunters, anything instead of her constantly thinking of her sister. I'm not sure how I feel about her being Queen yet. I do like Sienna and she definitely has some potential and fight in her so we'll just have to wait and see. The jury is still out.

As far as the other characters go, I did like the other story lines. I enjoyed the demon twins being born. I really like Ashlyn and Maddox together so this was a bonus for me.

I also enjoyed Cronus and Rhea dueling it out. Gotta love two super powers always trying to one up each other.

Hated Viola! Sorry but this is a bad imitation of Anya. Just doesn't work.

I still absolutely love William! To me, he steals the show. I always look forward to him. I really hope Showalter doesn't screw up his character like she did with Strider.

Galen and Legion could be interesting. I felt for Legion, she's broken and scared. I'd like to see more of her.

Another could be interesting character is Kane. I honestly never cared for him but his scenes weren't bad. I felt his pain and the hopelessness in him. This could turn out ok.

My favorite was Zacharel! He's sexy and strong. What I love about him is his coldness and how detached he is. He better get someone special and he better not change. That's all we need is another love sick puppy. No, No, No!