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Oracle - R.J. Scott

This is a story about two people, Alex and Luke thrown together by destiny. A destiny surrounding Greek mythology and the legend of the Oracle.

The plot was well intertwined with the past and the present. It's a suspenseful adventure that will have you guessing as to what happens next.

I was drawn in by all the characters, especially Alex. The author did a wonderful job with the development of these characters.

There were a few things that bothered me. First, I would have wanted more background on the secondary characters. I also felt they should have had a greater purposes within the context of the story. I liked them but needed more. Secondly, sometimes I felt the story jumped too quickly. It seemed they were in the States on minute and the next they're in Greece. Just wish some of the scenes were a bit longer. I also thought it ended too quickly. I would have liked to seen more of their "new relationship".

This was a good read.