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Of Dark and Bright - Kate Sherwood 3.5 Stars

Of Dark and Bright is the last book in the Dark Horse Series. As always, I loved being with Dan, Jeff, and Evan. I wish this one was a bit longer so we could have seen more of them working on their problems. I felt like the issue with Jeff and the crisis with Tat only served to cover everything up. What happened with Tat went overboard and it seems a bit contrived.

I still feel like Evan's on the sidelines, even though I know he brings on a lot of the trouble himself. It's the little things between Jeff and Dan (the hand holding or how they always look to each other for comfort) that I don't feel between Evan and Dan or even Evan and Jeff. There is a lack of intimacy. This was easier to accept in the first two books because those were about Dan's journey in finding Jeff and Evan and finding his place in the relationship. In this one I expected to feel as if all three men were a complete unit, especially since it included Evan and Jeff's POV's, and the fact that this was supposed to be 2 years later. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case for me. I think this book strayed from the format of the first two books. There were too many extraneous events happening all at once and it felt forced.

Regardless of these shortcomings, I enjoyed this series very much. I'll just have to accept that they all love each other equally even though they have very different bonds with one another.