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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I don't think I can do a proper review because there's so much I loved about this book and I want to blab and after the last lines of the book, I also need to vent.

So before the venting comes up, I’ll summaries a bit. Divide & Conquer is the fourth installment in the Cut and Run series. Ty and Zane are together in Baltimore where there’s been a rash of robberies and bombings. Along with the police, the FBI have come under scrutiny by the public and the media to figure out who's been terrorizing the city. By this I mean, Ty and Zane are targets again.

There were so many parts that I loved in this book but I doubt I can name them all. The very top of my list was the dancing scene. OMG, my heart is just melting thinking about it. It was so unexpected, touching, romantic, ok I'm gushing. But what I didn’t get was Ty’s reaction to when Zane told him he loved him. Did he really not believe him? This confused me because Ty's been waiting for this for a while now. All I can think of was that he really thought Zane just got caught up in the moment. Of course isn't that when people say "I Love You?" It's not always a planned thing. It wasn't for Ty.

It was bothersome because when he comes out to his buddies at the bar he tells Nick that Zane didn’t reciprocate his feelings and he’s just waiting for it to happen. Maybe Zane didn’t in the last book but he did when they were dancing. And even Ty thinks to himself that Zane does love him but he just needs time to “analyze it”. He made Zane sound like he’s just in it for the sex. WTF! He said Zane was a good guy but that was it.

This leads me to the kiss. I had a bad feeling about Nick as soon as he arrived. He was too jealous for it to be just a friendship on his part. Now onto Ty and Zane. Ty enjoyed those kisses way too much and contemplating the what if’s with Nick pissed me off. But at least he was honest with Zane. This is where I become disappointed with Zane. Granted he’s somewhat insecure and closes off his emotions but a kiss is a big deal. I mean he basically blew it off like it was nothing. Is he that afraid that he can't even confront him?

Another great part for me was when Zane came out of the fog at the ball field with the wink from Ty. He finally accepted his feelings for Ty. It's something Ty has done so many times but it took that time and moment for it to click for Zane. Simply Beautiful. Oh and I can't forget the jealous and possessive side of Ty. He was so freakin HOT.

There were also so many hilarious parts, I can’t even count. The banter between these two keeps getting better and better.

Ok so now we come to the end. I was worried about this even before I picked up the book. The split in the piggy with the band aide had me extremely nervous. Guess I had reason to be. I’m still not sure what to think about Ty leaving. I actually gave him some slack when he walked out on Zane for not leaving the note earlier in the book. I think it was more than just worrying about Zane. I think his guilt was catching up to him and the doubts Nick put in his head all came together and he blew. I wish Zane had done the same thing when he found out about the kiss. Ty better be in a very dire situation because the only reason he made it out of the mausoleum with any part of his mind left was because Zane was by his side!

I'm going to have a hard time waiting until May for more Ty and Zane.