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Captive Prince: Volume Two (Captive Prince, #2) - S.U. Pacat
Everything takes off in this volume of Captive Price. There's political intrigue, suspense, intense battle scenes, and crazy sexual tension. Everything I love. Oh and Laurent! We finally get to see some cracks in his cold exterior and a slip or two in his control. What can I say. I was instantly fascinated and drawn to him in volume 1 and now I love, love, love him. I've also grown to like Damen's character more. His loyalty and honor ooze from every pore. In this volume, the characters and plot become wore intricate and everything comes together.

This gave me chills:

The truth was marching towards him. His past was coming to Ravenel, a steady, unstoppable approach. Damen and Damianos. And Jord was right. There had only ever been one of him.

Part of me is terrified for Laurent to find out who Damen really is but part of me believes that he already knows. My bet is that he does. Please, please let him know.