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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Blacque/Bleu - Belinda McBride 2.5 Stars

This was just an ok read. There was nothing really new to the same old Were/Vamp story. Blacque is a closeted werewolf wanting nothing more to be himself and Bleu is an ailing vampire whose slowly dying. They are both lonely and when they come together sparks fly. There is definitely chemistry between these two. Blacque's not only a gay werewolf but also likes being submissive. It was a interesting combination. I liked Blacque's character and the pack politics. What threw me was Dane's reaction to Blacque being gay. For all the build-up to this being a major catastrophe, he accepted it fairly easily. I get that the author tried to prepare us with introducing Blacque's gay uncle and this possibly being part of his mother's pack history but it still felt odd to me.

Bleu didn't do anything for me. I thought he was boring. I just couldn't get in to his character. Although, the nightmares were an interesting touch.

I loved the idea of the paranormal draw to the town. There were not only vamps and werewolves living there but also witches, ghosts, fairies, and gremlins. I wanted to know more about the pull and what had these para's settling in Arcadia. It's too bad this concept wasn't explored more.

The book had a ton of potential. It was a nice love story and I almost rounded this one up to a three but the epilogue killed it. Did we really need the lesbian couple to come out and decide they wanted Blacque's baby? I think it was unnecessary and didn't add anything to the story. It's not the fact that it was a lesbian couple, it could have been any other couple. We already had the idea of artificial insemination as a way around Dane's baby making order. I didn't need the big red bow tied on top to let me know everything was now at a perfect point.