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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes Warning to all you Jory fans out there, this is going to be rough.

This was one of the most irritating and annoying books I've read in a long time and it's mainly because of the MC, Jory. The story is told from the first person narrative, by Jory. Jory is the most perfect person to walk the face of the Earth. At least this is what EVERYONE thinks, apparently except for me. Colleagues, friends, ex/new lovers, anyone who's fortunate to lay their eyes on the halo of light that surrounds him, loves him. This is not an exaggeration. Nobody could keep their hands off of him. They all thought he could be a model and all you heard was "God, you are beautiful." *rolls eyes* The thing is, I could probably get into the character (a little) if everyone didn't fall head over heels for him. I felt like the author was jamming his beauty and how perfect he is down my throat. By the time the third person was entranced by him, I wanted to kill him. Yes, he's good-looking and always wants to help people but he is not perfect. He treats his ex-lovers like shit and honestly he makes some extremely stupid decisions. (view spoiler)

Now onto the writing. I finally pinpointed what aggravated me about the dialogue. It was choppy and clipped. Questions were answered with questions and it appeared over and over again. "Yeah, I know." "You know?" "Whaddaya want?" "What do I want?" "What do you want to eat?" "Eat?" "Yes, eat." "I'm okay." "Okay?" Grrrrr.....the repetitiveness aggravated me to know end.

A few more issues to wrap up. We have the possessive and pushy cop, Sam. At first I was intrigued by him. His abrasiveness didn't bother me but after a while even he grated on me. I didn't feel like he was genuinely confused about his sexuality. He seemed to be just going through the motions.

The plot was predictable and honestly this seemed more like a day in the life of Jory rather than focusing on the crime/suspense aspects. Chapter one started off good. Jory finds himself witnessing a murder. Then it goes right in to his personal relationships with a little of the crime portions of the story thrown in here and there. It doesn't really pick up until the end.

The sex scenes were boring and completely forgettable.

Basically, there wasn't much I could say that I liked.