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Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II (Special Forces, #2 part 2) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan *******Review contains spoilers*******

Mercenaries II, is the next great installment of the epic story Special Forces which continues the journey of Vadim and Dan. Here we see Vadim and Dan fighting the war in the Balkans, visiting friends and family while still trying to deal with their pasts.

The emotional roller coaster ride continues. The story definitely had my heart racing. I love the beginning in Scotland. It was so touching to see how Dan begins to get his family back.

The fighting in the Balkans was so intense and showed me just how in sync these two men are no matter what they're going through.

Of course there's still lots of extracurricular activities outside their relationship. BAH, this drives me nuts! IMO Dan's new "friends" were totally unnecessary. What did it show? Dan is a slut and pimps himself out every chance he gets. Dan's sexcapades went too far and I basically just wanted to smack him most of the time. Let's not forget that Jean the Weasel is back and in full force. All the pre-wedding "bliss" just sucked. What's up with all the tender hugs and kisses with these two. Not only do we see Jean in Paris but once again in Rome. It's in Rome that I began to worry that Dan was realizing that his feelings for Jean were escalating. Geez, what Dan almost let happen with Jean just about put me over the edge. But I guess it's also in Rome that a bomb is dropped on Dan so he gets what's coming. End of the Dan rant, whew.

I did enjoyed seeing Hooch rely on Vadim, he needs this relationship as much as Hooch does. Although, Vadim did frustrate me at times because he was just ignoring the past and not dealing with any of the problems that arose. He just ran from them, understandably but nevertheless frustrating.

Most importantly during this time, secrets are exposed which once again puts Dan and Vadim's relationship on the line. Every time you think they're back on track, you get smacked again.

For me, the biggest issue that comes to mind between Vadim and Dan is their lack of communication. I wanted to shake them both and scream, "WTF are you guys doing?" It's so painful to see two people so much in love hurt each other the way they do. I hope they can overcome this. I must say that towards the end I did see Dan express some of the emotions he lost in Merc I. Not enough but he's getting there.

As always I still felt their love, anger, and passion for one another.