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Cherish - Tere Michaels 3.5 Stars

It was so nice to catch up with Matt and Evan again. Cherish takes place several years after F&F. Matt and Evan are happy and settled in their new lives. We get a little glimpse of their day-to-day life and the trials of raising a family.

The focus is mainly on Miranda's unresolved issues with her mother's death and her father's relationship with Matt. I understand her feelings about losing her mother but her childish behavior was simply unbearable. She irritated me from the beginning but her antics in this book pushed me over the edge. Evan should have thrown her ass right out of the house. Come on, she's not 12! Even through all Miranda's drama, the chaos that ensued over Thanksgiving dinner had me smiling ear to ear. I'm no stranger to family drama and tense holiday dinners so I couldn't help but find this funny. I wish I had Matt to make it all better though!

I love Matt's sense of humor and his quick comebacks. Matt and Evan are a perfect balance to one another. Evan is always so uptight and insecure but I was so happy to finally see him comfortable with himself and his relationship with Matt. He was finally able to show affection in front of his friends and family and damn was I cheering when he introduced Matt as his partner and his boyfriend to Kent's parents. And when he wouldn't let Matt leave. Double cheers!

This was a fun Novella for all Matt and Evan fans.