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But My Boyfriend Is - K.A. Mitchell
3.5 Stars

This was so close to being a 4 stars but there a few things that bugged me. First, I loved everything going on with Dylan's character. Mitchell tells it like it is and I love that about her. It's what makes her characters seem so real. Dylan was dealing with guilt over his brother and fucking up AGAIN, his brothers are treating him like shit, he's starting to "like" Mike more than just getting off with a guy, and he's not gay. There's a lot of issues going on here.

I enjoyed Mike and Dylan together. I liked how there was a slow build to their relationship. In Mitchell's world, you have to put aside that you don't need much more than a wave to start having sex. Regardless, I can justify it pretty well. What I did miss was more of Dylan and Darryl. This was an intricate part of the story and in the end it was brushed over. Many of Mitchell's books tend to end abruptly for my liking but the ending for this one really knocked down my impressions of the book. Basically, we got nothing from Dylan and Darryl and we got the fluffy and perfect last chapter. It felt out of place and didn't fit with the pacing of the book. Oh and the mention of kids! Twice! Dylan could barely admit to himself that they cared for Mike, never mind this. It was unnecessary.

Of course I loved Aaron and Joey! Aaron was his usually dickhead self and I loved every minute of it.