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The Gentleman and the Rogue - Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
4.5 stars

The Gentleman and the Rogue was such a great story. It had a little of everything - romance, humor, a bit of suspense, hot sex, well developed characters, and above all I thought it was beautifully written. Two men from totally opposite worlds find each other and end up realizing that there is more to life than what's right in front of them.

Sir Alan Watleigh is a wealthy, high class gentleman who is wounded at the Battle of Badajoz. He returns to England to find his entire family has died. He is a brooding, tight-lipped and lonely man. He has continuous nightmares of war atrocities and believes he has nothing to live for, so he decides to end his own life. Before he does, he wants one night to indulge in his deepest fantasies. So he sets out to hire a male prostitute to spend his last night with. Alan has never been able to accept his attraction or “perversion” towards men. To be with another man is a crime punishable by death. He's learned to keep his desires well hidden, that is until he meets Jem.

Jem, is a fun-loving, light-hearted, energetic, young prostitute living on the streets. Alan picks him up for his one night of pleasure. I love Jem’s character. He has an innocent quality about him that draws Alan right in. He’s just the type of man to break into Alan's heart. Jem sees through Alan’s pain and is determined to make him smile. He jokes to get that smile and laughter from him but he also jokes to cover-up his own feelings.

His nicknames for Alan were priceless: Lord Muckety-muck, Lord Gloomy, Lord Bumbuggerer, Lord Doom....so many more.

Alan begins to see that there’s more to life and he wants Jem to stick around. He begins to realize what he’s been missing in his life - someone to hold him and make the nightmares go away and someone he can protect and love.

I loved the clash of these two men’s personalities. Alan is so emotionally closed off and Jem can barely keep his mouth shut. Their reactions to one-another sets the stage for sparks to fly. The chemistry between these two was sizzling and Jem is one firecracker in bed.

Jem teaches Alan to smile, to accept himself, to live and to feel more than just pain and Alan shows Jem that he deserves to be loved and feel safe regardless of where he comes from.