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Regularly Scheduled Life - K.A. Mitchell
2.5 Stars

This was just an ok book for me. I liked the story well enough but I had a hard time getting over the never-ending rut that the MC's, Kyle and Sean were stuck in. They both irritated me to no end. Three quarters of the book was one of them asking the other “Are you ok?”, “Fine”, “Okay”, and then makeup sex. Wash, rinse, repeat. At times I actually found myself wanting them to break-up. That’s usually not a good sign when reading a romance.

I thought the storyline was interesting. It felt like this could be a real life situation, happening anywhere in the world. Kyle and Sean’s emotions also seemed realistic. The author did a great job of bringing you into their world, experiencing their day to day life with them. I guess I just had a hard time with the monotony of their actions.

The secondary characters were great, although Sean’s mother got a bit annoying. Overbearing much? I did like Kyle’s family though, they were so cute. It reminded me of my family on Christmas Eve, big fish dinner, everyone together and nowhere to sit, kids running around everywhere. Oh and I loved Tony! I was very happy to find out the next book was about him. Need more of him.