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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

18% Gray - Anne Tenino 4.5 Stars

I was captivated from page one! This was a fun sci-fi story set in the future where the US is split into red and blue states. Tenino brought a humorous spin on political issues that are currently affecting many aspects of our society. I thought it was a brilliant concept. Matt was sent on a mission to extract James from Idaho (a red state) where he was re-educated for being gay.

The balance between the world building and the relationship between Matt and James was perfect. I liked that there was a slow build-up to their relationship. There was still a constant attraction between them and lots of sexual tension.

There were a few issues I had with the book:

1. Too many acronyms. I have a horrible memory and had to keep going back to look up what the story-based acronyms were.

2. Sister Beni - I thought she was a fun twist at first, but then as the story progressed she just annoyed the hell out of me.

3. At times, Tenino's writing was a bit confusing. It wasn't the technical aspects, but rather the way she would describe a situation or concept. She would go off on tangent in the middle of a description. I found myself re-reading passages because I couldn't understand why she had inserted an off-topic sentence.

These problems didn't deter me from the story or my enjoyment of it. There was so much good in this book. I loved the Grandpas, all the tech references, James' enhancements, Miz, basically the entire mission, and the humor, humor, humor.

I really hope there will be a Laslo and Logan story. I thought Logan was adorable.