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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Descendant of Darkness - Melanie Nowak Wow, this book is a mess. I don't even know where to begin. The writing in these books has always been simplistic and predictable. It also suffers from a lack of editing. Some scenes just drag on and on. This book just took all that and put it in the forefront. The funny thing is I could ignore some of it in the previous books because I enjoyed the characters (all except the heroine, Felicity - more on her later) and the lore.

The biggest problem in this book was the pacing of the story. The time elapse killed it. We leave the story while Felicity is a freshman in college, of course even though it was a college setting you'd swear they were in high school. The first 4 books take place basically over 6 months or so. Fast-forward 3 years and this is the beginning of Descendant of Darkness. I don't mind the fact that time passed but when you think you're reading a totally different book, then something is wrong. We have Cain brooding over Felicity, not much changed on that front. That's one thing that didn't drag, like it did in the previous books. The biggest problem was Ben and Felicity. I have no idea what happened to them. They were completely out of character. Granted years have passed but I felt nothing from these two characters. Of course they're going to grow up and mature but I felt like an outsider watching some soap opera where Felicity either can't make up her mind what she wants or she's some alien trapped in a young adult's body making all the "proper" decisions out of life. In order to explain, I have to give spoilers. So here we go.

Felicity decides she wants to live a human life so she gets married and has a baby with Ben. This is all fine a dandy except why give her a love story with Cain for the first 4 books of the series? Ok, maybe Cain will eventually be with Felicity and the baby, still why does Felicity have to get married? Why does she have to be completely in love with Ben and make Cain her past love? If she's going to stay with Ben, why give her a love story with Cain at all? Plus, she can't make up her damn mind. If Felicity wants to keep Cain in her heart, then do in a way that's obvious, enough with the back and forth.

First, Felicity visits Cain and they kiss, twice. She realizes how much she still loves him, oh but then she marries Ben! She actually says that she loves Ben but he's not Cain! What the hell is that? Then, at her wedding she has to have part of Cain with her so she's wears the hair comb he gave her. We think it's because maybe she needs Cain there with her because she still loves him but NO, " Cain could not share this day with her. She was moving on, and her love for Ben was true, but she couldn't help but feel that Cain deserved this acknowledgement." So once again we're given something beautiful and then it's downgraded to a thank you note. Finally, the last straw was naming her baby after Cain. It seems so fitting and beautiful. It's perfect but then it becomes a "tribute". So we get a little then it's taken back. This all seems to me like a big tease, nothing more.

Now another big problem is the nice neat package of Felicity's life that the author presents us. I cannot see any young adult making the choices Felicity made, especially considering her personality just 3 short years prior. She was an insecure girl that met the love of her life, her first love and has never completely let him go. The first "perfectly mature decision" Felicity makes is while she's dating Ben. She admits she loves Ben but she wants to make sure her love for Ben is strong so she decides that they should see other people. What 21-22 year old supposedly in love would do that? That is something a parent would tell their 22 year old to do or a girl playing the field that doesn't want to settle down, which is not Felicity. I guess this fits into the nice, neat image of the mature woman. Not believable at all.

Next, most of the dialogue that involves either Felicity or Ben are so out of character. They act like adults that have experienced all the trials and tribulations of life rather than young adults just beginning their lives. Yes, they've been through a lot in a young age but this was just not them. Again, this was because of the timing. We missed all the "in-between" years of Ben and Felicity dating, etc. I liked her and Ben in the other books, even when they hooked up.

Next, we see Felicity visiting Cain and she has doubts about her feelings for Ben, and Cain for that matter. She admits that she thought her feelings for Cain had faded but she says her feelings are just as strong as when he left her. So she loves Cain but then goes back to Ben. Who would do that? We're suppose to believe that she's mature enough after 3 years that her emotions are not conflicted enough to affect her relationship with Ben? Nope, don't believe it. She goes on to be the mature woman of 22 and marries Ben and has a baby. Nice and neat!

Enough of boring Felicity. Now onto Cain and Sindy and the draggy moments in the book. There were so many but I'll just pick a few that bugged me. I am not a Sindy hater at all. I dislike how she acts and I believe she doesn't deserve to end up with Cain but hey she does what she thinks she has to. I get she's insecure but do we really have to read pages and pages of her wanting bigger boobs? Then, her enhancements? Then, what Cain thinks of these enhancements? OMG all this felt was like page fillers! All I kept picturing was Cain rolling his eyes. It is not even plausible that Cain would move forward after such a short time. What is 3-4 years to a vampire who is over 300 years old who finally found the love of his life? Seems like a drop in the bucket to me. I just didn't believe him moving on at this time.

Also, there was too much of Elric. I get he may be a big part in the coming books but do we have to see all the background of him and Latisha? Also the entire part with Anthony and Marguerite. I saw no point to any of it. Lastly, I did like Allie training but even that got to be too much.

The funny thing is that this book is described as Paranormal Fantasy but the first three books and this one were ALL romance. I'm ok with that and I enjoyed the romance but then I do expect the romance feel to continue. I felt nothing with Ben and Felicity compared to the last book, nothing between Cain and Sindy and Felicity was just beyond fickle. It's not just the doubts or subtle nuisances. That I could accept. What I can't accept is the annoying back and forth that is Felicity in this book. I loved the action but there was just too little of it.

So was there anything I did like in this book? Yes! I liked Kieran, Mattie finally standing up to Allie, Allie training. That's about it.

I don't think I can continue with this series.