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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban I kept going back and forth between 4 and 5 stars with this one so I settled with 4.5 stars. Fish and Chip is the third installment of the Cut and Run series.

This book grabbed my attention instantly. Ty and Zane were assigned a case on a cruise ship where they had to portray an openly gay married couple. Ty impersonated Del Porter, who is fun-loving, spirited, and on the submissive side. Not exactly Ty's personality. I kind of thought he could have a smidgen of this in him though. Zane, who impersonated Corbin Porter is a possessive, jealous, hard-nose business man. I loved this story line. It allowed Ty and Zane to be open with each other and also bring their emotions to the forefront.

As usual, there was also a lot of humor. I loved Zane calling Ty "Doll" and when Ty found Del's toys, classic moment. I could go on and on about these two.

Both men struggled to find the line between what they were actually feeling and what were Del/Corbin's feelings. These lines got blurred as they had to come to terms with what they felt. They both had to face their insecurities and fears.

They became extremely intimate during this case. This is by far the most passionate of the books so far. As they begin to realize their feelings for one-another, the sex is not just about a quick fix. It's HOT but also it pulls at your heartstrings because you can feel their emotions up front. Sex has never been a huge part of these books but I found after the opening of this one, I couldn't get enough, which is a first for me. I typically think there's always too much sex but in this series I find myself saying "DAMN why didn't we see that!"

Ty finally admits he loves Zane and for me it came out at the perfect time. I knew Zane has always had a hard time coming to terms with his feelings for Ty even though he does love him. I really thought that once Ty admitted his feelings, Zane would have been able to come to terms with his. My heart went out to Ty when Zane didn't completely reciprocate his feelings. Although, it was frustrating that Ty wasn't able to see through Zane's facade and see how much he really loves him. He usually can read Zane so well. This was one of the issues that bothered me in the book. I was hoping that Ty would at least see that it's Zane's fears that are in the way and that it wasn't that Zane didn't love him.

Also, I think the book ended way too soon. After the big "I Love You", they talk about it briefly, in a jail cell and then just go on with their lives and we see nothing. And why the hell didn't Zane give Ty the necklace he bought him? I really hope it's going to be saved for a "perfect" moment because I was hoping that moment would have been in this book. At least Zane didn't put his wedding ring back on. I wish we saw Ty noticing that.

I did enjoy the mystery for the most part even though some things did bother me about the case. For one, Ty and Zane didn't know who their back team was (makes no sense), they didn't have any way to contact their superiors or anyone on their team and the explanation of the killers at the end seemed a bit anti-climatic after all they went through on the ship. As always the relationship aspect of the book was top notch.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous about the next book, Divide & Conquer which has a cover of a broken piggy with a bandage. This doesn't sound too promising for Ty and Zane. I don't want anything dividing these boys especially after the big step they took in this book.