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Dark Soul Vol. 4 - Aleksandr Voinov *****Review Contains Spoilers******

Another phenomenal Dark Soul installment! There's so much going on in these 3 short stories, I don't know where to begin. I loved every minute of it. Aleksandr Voinov has such a beautiful way with words which leaves me utterly captivated and always wanting more.

In Dark Soul 4, each story is told from Stefano's POV. Stefano is a complete mess. He's struggling with his feelings and doesn't know how to deal with any of them.

In Dark Rival I, we see the beginning of Stefano's world crumbling. His capos are questioning him and his decision to have Silvio "help" with the Russians. Stefano not only has to deal with his men but Silvio and Franco are away and all he can think about is his need for Silvio. His fantasies aren't ending with just Silvio though. Nope, now Stefano is thinking about both Spadaro brothers. HA, he can't even come to terms with how he feels for Silvio, how the hell can he deal with wanting both of them?

In Dark Rival II, Silvio and Franco return from having successfully gotten rid of the Russians. Stefano finally gives in to Silvio's advances and Stefano realizes how much he enjoys being the one to fulfill Slivio's needs. Stefano, however once again finds himself in trouble. This time with his wife Donata. She suspects Stefano is having an affair and confronts him. Stefano denies it but in the end he admits he doesn't want to lose her, thereby telling Donata all she needs to know.

An important part of this story is a conversation that Stefano and Franco have. Franco is preparing to leave and he knows he can't give Silvio what he wants. He tells Stefano exactly what Silvio needs and makes it known that Stefano is in deep with Silvio. Franco gets right to the point with Stefano by telling him: "Silvio wants to belong. Make him". God I love this line. It just give me chills. Franco leaving sets up an emotional collision between Silvio and Stefano. Silvio deals with it the only way he knows how, by looking for sex and Stefano isn't liking it one bit.

In Dark Temptation, Stefano faces the repercussions of Franco leaving head on. Stefano makes his decision to go after Silvio. I love Stefano's possessiveness and raw emotions. He wants Silvio and no one is standing in his way. When he sees Silvio at the bar picking up 2 cops, I could feel the tension and jealously pouring out from him. This leads to a hot hotel scene and now there's no turning back for Stefano.

I loved the ending but now I'm left with a ton of questions. Stefano knows what Silvio needs and of course Stefano wants to be the one to give it to him but can he without his entire world falling apart? Uggg, only one more book left with all these unresolved issues. This makes me very nervous.

I can't wait until Dark Soul 5!