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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Crescendo - Rachel Haimowitz This was a great sequel. A solid 4.5 stars. Crescendo picks up with Freyrik and Ayden being summoned to the High Court. Over and over, their love is put to the test. They are both put in utterly hopeless situations. Once again Ayden is enslaved. His magic and his ability to hear songs is blocked. What Ayden went through was simply heart-breaking. Freyrik also had to make impossible choices. This time, not only was his love for Ayden on the line but also his loyalty and love for his brother and the Aegis.

I loved the adventures they went on. The world is exquisite. The description of the road into the High Court and the quest leading to the final battle with the dark elves and ferals was so vivid I felt I was right there with them.

My only complaint was the ending. It felt completely rushed. One minute the elves and humans are in the final battle with the ferals and the next we're back at the high court. After over 300 years of hatred it was all erased with one battle. This seems very unlikely. It's completely feasible that after time the two races could come together but this was way too quick. I would have loved to have seen the reaction of the Aegis when Ayden and Freyrik returned. I also thought the romance was a bit lacking. Even with these two points, I still loved the story.