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Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood
Out of the Darkness takes place immediately after Dark Horse. While Dan is trying to find his place with Jeff and Evan, he's still constantly over-thinking every step of the way. This book further highlights the imbalance in their relationship. I love the connection between Dan and Jeff. Jeff is the calming force in the relationship. He's strong, self-assured, and has an ability to bring everyone together. Although, we find that this isn't always the case, even Jeff has his doubts and fears. As far as Dan and Evan go, I don't get the same feeling with them. There's always a complication or problem that comes between them. Evan is jealous and insecure and this does nothing but cause a rift between them. Dan is the odd man out in the relationship but I find myself feeling that Evan is really the one on the outside.

We still don't find out anything about Jeff and Evan's relationship. I need more!!!! They had issues before Dan came around, but how deep did they go? I know they love each other but I don't feel it. This is becoming increasingly frustrating.

My biggest gripe with this book was the epilogue. I would have been much happier with Dan acknowledging his feelings and end at that. I'd rather wait and see them work out their issues before any of this happened. I can see how Dan would want to move forward but after all the ups and downs, this was quite a leap at this point in the story. It really threw me, so I may be dropping this to a 3.5 after some further thoughts on the matter.