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His Holy Bones - Ginn Hale
4.5 Stars!

This was a very good ending to a fantastic series. I enjoyed every moment. Hale brings the world of Basawar alive and takes us on an magical adventure through twists and turns, slowly revealing one surprise after another. Everything was described in stunning detail, from the language, the atmosphere, the culture, and the setting.

The structure of the book made everything seem new and exciting. It had me at the edge of my seat anxiously awaiting more answers. Hale cleverly brought two separate timelines into one.

In the final book, I loved how Ravishan and Kyle became one. Amazing idea. In Kyle's mind he could never live up to Ravishan or people's expectations so I was ecstatic when this happened. My only complaint was I thought a little more could have happened with Laurie. Her death seemed anticlimactic, especially considering everything she went through.

This was a journey that brought fantasy, politics, religion, magic, and love all together in one beautiful story.

Highly recommended for fantasy lovers.