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St. Nacho's (St. Nacho's #1) - Z.A. Maxfield
This book was tough to rate. I enjoyed the characters but it felt like I was reading 2 different books. The first half, we have Cooper and Shawn and the second half we have Cooper and Jordan.

The story is about Cooper, the narrator, who has been running from his past for 3 years. Cooper has a tremendous amount of guilt and self-loathing and believes he will never have enough time in his life to make a mends for everything he's done. He ends up in Santo Ignacio (St. Nacho's), where he begins to relax and feel comfortable in his surroundings. He starts working at a bar, helping in the kitchen and playing his violin. This is where he meets and falls for Shawn, a deaf busboy. I really enjoyed this half of the story. The way Cooper viewed the town and the interactions he had with the people of St. Nacho's. I loved the communication between Cooper and Shawn. The simple understanding they had with one another. You could feel Cooper opening up and Shawn breaking through Cooper's negativity.

The problem with this half of the story was that we never found anything out about Shawn. All we know is he's a student at a local college. He's such an interesting character but we're left in the dark. Another glaring hole is in Cooper's past. Obviously, the biggest issue was the car accident and getting kicked out of Juilliard but what about everything else Cooper was referring to during the 3 years when he was on the run? It seems there were a lot of issues but the author eludes to them and we never get any details.

Now, onto the second half of the book. This where Cooper goes back to his hometown to help Jordan. I didn't mind the change in focus because obviously this is what shapes Cooper and it's part of his past but where is Shawn in all this? Even when Shawn arrives in town to get Cooper back he's still in the background up until the very end. The two stories were not brought together in a cohesive way. There was no tangible link to Shawn. What about everything these two experienced? I understand Copper leaving to help Jordan, it made sense but the drop in the storyline was too drastic. It's too bad because it's really a good story. Oh and Pastor Stan, can you say creepy? *shivers*.

All and all I liked the story, especially the first half of the book but I'm not that interested in Jordan so I don't think I'll be continuing with this series. At least not anytime soon.