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Blood Shadows - Tessa Dawn

So I am totally in the minority here. It's happened before and I'm sure it'll happen again.

First off, let me say that Nachari is my favorite Silivasi brother. Unfortunately, I think he got the raw end of the deal. This book did not feel like his book - AT ALL. Nachari was not in the spotlight. It was split between him, Saber, Kagen, Kristina, and Braden. There was no focus, too many POV changes, and I thought there were many scenes that were completely unnecessary. I didn't think hearing from Kristina, Braden, or Noiro added anything to the story. All it did was take away from Nachari.

Deanna, Nachari's destiny, had a lot of potential but unfortunately she was weak and fell flat. I didn't think there was any character development. I never got a good impression of who she was. She came to Dark Moon Vale because she "saw" this gorgeous guy being tortured and suffering in hell. This manifested in her drawings which ultimately led her to the Silivasi's. It was such a great idea for Deanna to have this connection to Nachari before anyone even knew she was his destiny. Unfortunately, once she got there, all anyone did was sit around and wait. Nachari deserved better.

Because Nachari and Deanna didn't meet until the last 5% of the book, there was zero connection. I had hoped she would have felt Nachari's pull more so they would've had something substantial between them before they met. Nachari should have emerged long before the end of the book. They had no chemistry and the sex just had me wincing. I need more than "she's his destiny" for me to feel a connection.

I kept waiting for Nathaniel, Marquis, and Kagen to push Deanna to draw more, for them to work together to help Nachari, but basically he was on his own. The brothers also dropped the fact they were going to call the wizards for help. I wish Deanna and the brothers would have tried to reach Nachari somehow. Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea of Nachari using his magic to get out but I at least wanted to see everyone trying to help him. Instead, too much time was spent with Kristina and Ramsey/Saber and Braden wasting time talking to Deanna, and defending/worrying about Kristina. *Sigh*

Also, there were several times that Kagen and Marquis seemed out-of-character to me. I thought it was odd that Kagen let Deanna out with Kristina without seeing Ramsey first. Also, bonking Deanna on the head was completely childish. Furthermore, Marquis was a little too warm and fuzzy for my liking. The joking was uncharacteristic. The fact that all the brothers didn't try to decipher the drawings didn't seem right. You would think with this new found information they would be doing anything they could to figure this out. Even Saber, with his laid-back demeanor and his modern slag, just didn't sit right. I really hope this was part of the character he was playing and not his true self. This was not the same guy we met in book 1.

Lastly, the Unchained Melody scene had me cringing. It was over-the-top cliché. This does not seem like Nachari. Also, the torture scenes had very little impact on me. Most of them were campy and had the opposite effect.

I was so looking forward to re-visiting this world and for the most part I did enjoy hearing from the Silivasi brothers again but unfortunately I was quite saddened by these turn of events. I guess I'll have to just keep thinking Narchari will someday find his true destiny.