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Hushed - Kelley York

2.5 stars rounding up to 3.


This was my first Kelley York book and for the most part I enjoyed it.  However, it was too melodramatic for me and the events were so OTT and extreme that I had a hard time believing them.   I like reading about dark and messed up characters (believe me these characters have major issues), but there was so much going on that I had a hard time even suspending disbelief.   It ended up being predictable and cliché.   I couldn't get over the fact that Archer committed murder after murder and Evan barely blinked an eye.   I really wish we knew more about what Evan was thinking and feeling.  I also had an eye-rolling moment when Vivian shot Archer and then killed herself.   I knew all along this would happen.   It was an easy out for Archer.  At least the ending wasn't all flowers and rainbows.  That would have been put me right over the edge.  I'm glad Archer got the help he needed and wasn't allowed to run around the streets like nothing happened.


York was able to get me to care for Archer and that wasn't easy considering what he's done.  Hopefully my next read of York's will more believable.