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Prey - Andrea Speed

3.5 Stars

This was a very good start to the series. The book is made up of two novellas/stories. I gave Infected 3 stars and Prey 4 stars. This is a world where people can get infected by a virus, which depending on the strain, will transform them into a certain type of cat species. Basically, it’s the paranormal version of AIDS. The stigma is there, the pain and isolation both physically and mentally, and a shortened life span. The world building is excellent. It’s fascinating and you get immersed immediately. 

Roan is a virus child; he was born with the lion strain. He’s pessimistic, snarky, and sharp as a whip. His partner, both in life and work is the lovable and sexy Paris. They make a great team. Roan is a private investigator and Paris is his "Boy-Friday". You can feel how much these two love each other. That doesn't mean there are no secrets and communication issues. Of course there will be, they’re men! The romance takes a back seat to the stories. The plot/mysteries are the focus. Through the story, we find out more and more about both Roan and Paris as individuals and as a couple.

Having said this, I had several issues with the writing/editing. It got to the point where it affected my enjoyment. It was repetitive and at times the author was heavy handed with inner monologues. We understand that Roan is cynical and Paris is manipulative. We got it after the second time, no need to hear it 20 more times! This led to my biggest issue: the “telling” and not “showing”. It was annoying and got on my nerves. The last little bug that I have to complain about was the over usage of parentheses. Most of the time it was unnecessary. It was grating and many times pulled me out of the story. I noticed that most of the time it could have been worked into the story seamlessly.

I sincerely hope some of these issues are cleared up as the series progresses because despite its shortcomings, I love the world and Roan and Paris. They are great characters and I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.