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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

I have a love/hate relationship with this book.

Bone Rider - J. Fally

How could I love something so much and hate it at the same time? Well, let me tell you. The characters and the plot get 5 stars, holes and all and there were many. But I still freakin loved it!!!! The non-stop action, the humor, and the freshness, it all kept me completely engrossed. I can ignore most of the holes, however some bugged me, like when 

Misha and his boys left General Young alive in the parking garage. No way would the mob do that. Yes, they needed him for cover but since he was out cold anyway why leave him alive as a liability? 

(show spoiler)

Plus, I had many eye-rolling moments by the stupid decisions made by the Military/Government. One was when they 

opened fire in a diner parking lot jam-packed with people, using heavy explosives, and of course there were no repercussions. The author tried to explain this by using the government’s strong-hold on the police and media but some things go too far to believe and this was one of them for me. Also, I could not believe that the government’s first instinct was to destroy the alien. Yes, they did rethink that decision and go with capture first but this was not their first choice. This seemed very strange to me. 

(show spoiler)

You really have to suspend disbelief with this book. 

I could also ignore the OTT action scenes because it was fun to read. Again, suspending disbelief. It did flash me back to a ton of sci-fi/action movies, good and bad.

The worst part of the book and what I could not ignore was the multiple POV’s. Now, I don’t mean 3 or 4, I mean at least 6 or more. Some completely unnecessary. What was the point of hearing from Misha’s sister or even the doctor for that matter? We didn't need their back stories. We didn't need to hear from them at all! It was boring and for me deterred from the story. It broke up the tension. I didn't feel like it moved the story forward or brought anything to it. 

The funny thing is, I really like all the side characters. Young was a great character and I especially liked Andrej and Koyla. Oh and I loved the dialogue. McClane is a witty little devil. They all had their own twist on humor and individuality. I had so many laugh out loud moments, I can’t even tell you. There was so much camaraderie and love in this book. Each relationship was special and you could feel how much these men cared for one another. Misha and Andrei, Misha and Riley, Riley and McClane, Anjrei and Koyla and of course JC. Each different and brought depth to the book.

GAH, there was so much good and so much that made me smile! It saddens me because this had all the potential to be a 5 star book but I just couldn't get past the POV changes :(