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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan

4.5 Stars

This was a simple but beautiful love story. No big misunderstandings, no drama thrown in for the sake of drama. Ed and Laurie must come to terms with their new lives after they were both hit with life altering changes. This is about real men dealing with their pain on a daily basis. 

Did I have a few issues? Sure. There was some repetitive word usage and it also seemed that dancing came exceptionally easy for Ed, too easy. Ed referred to Laurie as being one of the best coaches he ever had, I wished we saw more of Laurie teaching Ed techniques and Ed's learning of them. I also wish there were more references to Ed not being able to complete certain dance moves because of his neck. It almost seemed that his neck injury didn't matter in dancing. Yes, he had to be careful and he couldn't dance if he was in pain but there should have been more said about his limitations with dancing. 

Also, I didn't need the details of the hot tub scene. This was imagery that I could have done without.

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Mostly I loved that these characters were believable, and that their story was believable. Everything unfolds with such a natural ease. I loved Ed and even uptight Laurie. Their reactions, banter, everything seemed so authentic. And their chemistry was delicious.

What drew me in the most was Ms. Cullinan's words and descriptions. There was a purity and sensuality of dancing that brought Laurie and Ed together. At times, I felt like I was right there watching Laurie and Ed dance. And when Laurie danced alone, it gave me chills. It was like seeing part of his soul.

If you want a sweet romance, a journey of love, trust, and acceptance then this is book for you.

It was a bit of ballet, a bit of modern, a bit of Laurie. He put in all the beauty and skill and perfection he had been taught and which he had honed, but he put in something more too, edges and colors and accents that were, he knew, gifts from Ed. Bits of courage, bits of wonder, enthusiasm, hope. In his mind, this was not just a dance for Ed. This dance, to him, was Ed.