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Lying with Scorpions - Aleksandr Voinov

Lying With Scorpions picks up right where book one ends. Adrastes is on his way to claim the throne of Dalman with Kendras at his side. Adrastes and the Scorpios are walking into a mess of trouble. The fear of political power games, the lies, conspiracies, assassination attempts, revenge, betrayal, are all very real threats. This is a journey that both Adrastes and Kendras have to take, both together and separately. Adrastes was born a leader but he now needs to figure out how to become a King that the masses will follow. As leader of the Scorpions, Kendras has to learn to trust his decisions while trying to deal with his past and how he and his men fit into Adrastes' plans. He is pulled in many directions. You can feel the war within himself and his struggle with his feelings for Adrastes. 

Now on to the details. Where the first book takes off from page one, this book has a slower pace. In fact, the beginning was too slow for my liking. Adrastes' political dealings dragged a bit and Kendras' inner thoughts were a little repetitive. I wish he didn't doubt himself so much. This got annoying at times. I was hoping that he found that inner strength sooner.

Around 40% the book changes. We get the action and tension akin to the first book. There are twists and turns and unexpected reveals. The emotional impact of the second half of the book hits hard.

Book two brings many new characters, plus more of my old favorites and some romance! I was so happy when Widow came into the picture. I love all his craziness! Of course Selvan also has a very special warm place in my heart. He is always there when Kendras needs his calming presence. I wish we saw more of Kendras with his men, especially Selvan. I love him. 

Voinov brings great characters to this series. He deals with race, gender, and sexual identity like no other. My favorite new character was Amrash, the Jaishani Ambassador. There's a deadly quiet, mystery, and power that surrounds Amrash. Then there's Runner, the new badass female Scorpion recruit. I can't wait for this to be explored more. 

Finally, there's Graukar, the Commander of Eagle’s Test. He's wise and passionate and in many ways brings a very real threat to Adrastes. At first, I thought Graukar could have his own agenda, which I liked, but then it seemed like his character flattened out. It's funny because he brought so much to Kendras but I lost the mystery behind him. I really hope there's more to him in the next book because I really like him. 

He wouldn't have stepped back from this if it destroyed him, or Graukar, or both of them. It felt rather like two fires uniting and eating into each other -- they ceased to exist, yet flared higher and brighter than they would have on their own. And there was glory in burning.  

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Never kneel and mean it. If you have to crawl, be the scorpion under the rock — ready to strike at the hand turning the stone.

Kendras must now find his own path. I can't wait to see him become the leader he was meant to be!