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Ball & Chain  - Abigail Roux

Ok, here we go. Time to review Ball & Chain, book 8 of the Cut & Run series. Oh wait, silly me, this wasn't part of Cut & Run, this was Nick's book and clearly should of been part of the Sidewinder series. I'm not even sure what to say because I like Nick and I liked Shock & Awe and even though Nick completely stole the show in Ball & Chain, I didn't think his role should have been as substantial as it was. Kelly is still a mystery to me and was kind of boring. Trying to have two couples in the forefront only served to bring both couples down.

How did Ty and Zane become side character's in their own series? This is a clear indication that this series should have ended. Zane completely disappeared in this book. Granted, I saw this coming within the last few books but sadly he was reduced to being placed in Ty's back pocket and only came out to play when Ty needed some companionship. GAH! Zane was such an amazing character. That leads me to Ty. I am so sick of hearing about Ty and his family's little quirks. Yes, we already know he has a fear of horses and heights. Do we have to be reminded in every book? It was cute and funny the first time but it got old fast. I guess that's all there is to Ty now. Then we have the fact that there was nothing going on between them as a couple. Ty was gone for 6 months and supposedly he and Zane both changed, but we got no development on this front. We were told this but you'd think since this was supposed to be their book we would have gotten one conversation, anything to support what these big changes were and how they got through them. Nope, nothing. All we got was them laughing, smiling, and grinning. Grrrrr.....I felt very little connection between them. Even 

the big marriage proposal was shot to hell by Nick's proposal to Kelly.

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 I felt more between Nick and Kelly than anything between Ty and Zane.

Now, let's get to the ridiculous plot. I never read this series for the mystery plots because they were always secondary to the strong characters of the earlier books. The mysteries always had plot holes but I could typically ignore them because of the characterization and the strong connection between Ty and Zane. Now since the characters are brought down to a fraction of what they were, what do we have left? Nothing! The mystery was so convoluted that I really didn't care how it turned out. I can't tell you how many times I had this dumbfounded look on my face because of some of the absurd logic in this book, like 

Kelly needing written instructions to figure out time of death and Livi's reason behind choosing her maid of honor. Why would Nick and Kelly assume that the ferryman was a dope smoking kindred soul? Also, if Nick was like a third son to the Grandy's, why wasn't he invited to the wedding? And don't get me started on how anyone would believe that Zane would be behind the "big theft". Please, that would have been merely a distraction, especially after all the bodies dropping everywhere. Even though De la Vega's plan wasn't convincing, I really wish we saw more of Zane and Ty dealing with this issue. It got quickly brushed aside. Another wasted chance for Ty and Zane. I could go on and on. 

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Now on to the things I did enjoy. There were a few :) 

I enjoyed seeing Nick's problems with his father and Ty come to light. I felt his struggle and strength. At first, I thought that the added drama between Ty and Nick was pointless but by the end of the book I thought we got to see another side of Nick and I thought it was believable. I also loved seeing the comeback of Liam. It wasn't much, but hopefully he'll play a big part in the future.

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I'm more than ready for this series to end.