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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill

I had a hard time with this book. I wanted to love it, but instead it tired me out :( I can see why so many people are attracted to this book. There were occasions when I thought the writing was beautiful, but for me it was too flowery. Where the lyrical style was meant to draw me in, it effectively did the opposite and took me completely out of the story. 

As I mentioned in one of my updates, I felt like something was keeping me at arm’s length from Marcus and Thomas during the first half of the book.  I didn't feel their connection. Even though I felt more of a connection in the second half of the book, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first half. Things got way too sweet and mushy. I didn't like that the book delved into Marcus’ back-story. Even though it was meant to show his vulnerability and trust in Thomas, it only served to weaken him in my eyes. It seemed like unnecessary drama. 

Then the entire 180 that Thomas’ mother did at the end, was a major eye-rolling moment. The “we’re one big happy family now” ending was over-the-top .  

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These were my major issues. There were definitely some enjoyable parts. I loved the interactions with Marcus’ friends. Julie, Josh, and his wife were all good side characters. There were some tender and moving moments between Marcus and Thomas that kept me engaged and wanting more. I just think that as soon as I got pulled in to the story, the writing went one step (sometimes several steps) overboard and became melodramatic.