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Relief Valve - J.L. Merrow


This was not a hit like the first book. I love Tom, but his winning combo of British cheeky wit, charm and sarcasm that sold me in the first book felt forced and overblown in this book. Sometimes his thoughts became unfocused and annoying. The pacing was slow and there was nothing new brought to the story. The mystery was ok but the typical church involvement and multiple suspects didn't grab me. It didn't have the excitement I felt in the first installment. 

I also wish there was more developing of Phil’s character. There was definitely progress in their relationship but I wanted a bit more from Phil. I enjoyed when we saw the serious side of Tom, like when he thinks about why Phil still where's his wedding ring or when he contemplates their relationship. I was also happy to see Gary and Darren and of course Arthur and Merlin!

Regardless of the issues I had, I still managed to smile and have a few laughs. Hopefully the next one will be toned down a bit.