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Freefall - Andrea Speed

There are many aspects that I love about Speed's writing. She has a way of developing strong and well developed characters and her descriptions pull you right into the story, but unfortunately, it’s not all good. She has a tendency to tell rather than show and merely summarizes large portions of the plot. This has always been an issue for me. I also think she has too many mysteries going on at once and tends to lose focus on any one given issue.

As far as character advancement and development, I enjoyed book 1 (Freefall) better than book 2 (Bloodletting). The mysteries not so much. There were a lot of holes and were rushed at the end. The mysteries in book 2 were fairly solid.

In book 1, we see Roan’s destructive behavior in the forefront. He uses his anger as a shield. It’s basically his go to emotion. It created a tense and volatile atmosphere. Roan is depressed and hates what is happening with the lion, along with almost everything else in his life. It’s heart-breaking to see him struggle with everything. I didn't get the same feel in book 2. I’m not a fan of splitting the books into two novellas or books. For me, even though not a lot of time passes, it breaks the flow and the feel of the story telling. 

Book 2 brings an entire new set of issues for Roan and because I was in the same frame of mind from book 1, this was a letdown. I was expecting to see more of Roan’s self destructive behavior but the story shifts to Roan’s problem with headaches. I can see where the author is taking this but because of the change in story-lines, her writing seems clunky and doesn't always work for me.

I really enjoyed hearing more from Dylan and Holden. I love how Holden is becoming a prominent character. That’s really what saved book 2. Although I like Dylan and I think he is good for Roan, I hope he’s strong enough to handle the relationship. 

One of my favorite parts was when  

Dylan sketched the tattoo of Paris on Roan’s arm. At first I thought it was selfish of Roan to include Dylan in this but once Dylan was sketching I saw how much it brought them closer together. Dylan is so understanding and loving and it allowed Dylan to share a part of Paris with Roan. 

(show spoiler)

 It was a perfect moment.

This is always a fun world to be in.