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One Breath One Bullet - S.A. McAuley

Meh, it was ok. As I mentioned in my update, I liked the world-building but the characters didn't do much for me. I thought they were one dimensional and had little depth. I did feel a slight spark in Armise and he does have me curious, but other than that I didn't feel any emotional tie to them. 

What bothered me the most was that this book was repetitive and Merq's inner dialogue didn't fit the character's actions. The author kept telling us that these two men were mortal enemies and that Armise was a killer, but the scenes that were meant support this were brushed over and didn't have any substance to them. They were enemies for 13 years and we were inundated with language that tried to convey this but their actions fell flat. It felt like the author was trying too hard to evoke emotion in the characters. 

For example:

Armise was the lightning strike in my storm. He appeared without warning—a violent burst, and brilliant flash, lighting up the night sky—then retreated in a cacophonous crash, leaving me dazed, unsteady and blinking back stars from my vision. He was unpredictable. Unstable. Deadly and hypnotic. And yet it was like I stood defiantly in the storm, rifle lifted towards the churning sky, and challenged him to strike me. As if I came alive in that moment of impact.

You would think these words would depict passion, violence, Armise as a deadly force, and an intense history, but instead the words felt hollow to me. I never got a sense that these men had a turbulent history. Yes, it was said over and over, but unfortunately I never felt it.

I heard the series got better and since I already have the second work, I'll probably read it but I hold very little hope that the author can turn this around for me.