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After Ben - Con Riley

This was a story of love, hope, and loss. Theo lost the love of his life, Ben, in a tragic accident. Now his life is consumed with grief and misery. Even though mentally Theo is not ready to move on, two men sneak in and awaken him. Theo finds himself attracted to fellow gym mate Peter, and is completely taken by surprise by how much his body responds to him. Even though his physical attraction to Peter is strong, it's Morgan who captivates his mind. I loved how they gradually developed a friendship. Through this bond, both Theo and Morgan found the support and love they both needed. 

I typically don't like flashbacks and I have mixed feelings on how they were used in this story. For the most part, I enjoyed learning about Theo and Ben's life together. Ben's memory came alive and I was able to feel the depth and love of their relationship. However, sometimes the flashbacks interrupted the flow at inopportune times and I was thrown out of the story. It didn't always work. 

This was entirely Theo's story. Even though he had a few dense moments, I still liked him. For me the romance was secondary to Theo's journey. We followed Theo through parts of his life with Ben and saw the hope and love that Morgan brought into his life.