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I love to read and chat about books.  I'm always honest in my reviews and I enjoy  hearing varied opinions and different point of views.

Ricochet - The House of Silence - J.A. Jaken


This picked up right where Volume One ended. It was chuck full of action and suspense. However, the plot did get a little drawn-out and far-fetched towards the middle. I love all these characters, so I'm ignoring that part. Vincent and Aburon are still my favorite. The connection between them is so freakin intense! They better be in the next book. 

One of the most touching moments was when Reiji 

and Charon got together at the end. I loved seeing Reiji's vulnerability. He desperately needed to feel special and cared for, and Charon gave him that. 

(show spoiler)

I can't wait for the next book.