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Consort - The House of Silence - J.A. Jaken

Sadly, this book was a fail. I enjoyed the first two books, but Consort had zero character progression. It was predictable and a carbon copy of book 2. The only difference was that Tam was the center of the plot in this book. At first, the book seemed to be showing the possibility of a character-driven story through some of the new friendships developing.

Vincent was becoming close to Nao, and I started to see glimpses of them coming out of their shell, but unfortunately nothing more came of their friendship. I did enjoy seeing Charon and Reiji together and learning more about Charon’s past, but it wasn't enough to propel the story.

(show spoiler)

Worst of all it was predictable and there was an excess of re-telling. I also hated that all the boys seemed to “sense” the impending doom for no apparent reason other than to cause drama. 

My one star is for the very few Vincent and Aburon scenes. 

I still recommend the first two books.